Show the World Your True Reflection™ and attract the people, opportunities and experiences that make your heart sing with ease (while spending a LOT less time in front of a screen)!

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Everything that happens in your life is a mirror of the way you perceive yourself and the world around you (although in reality you're not separate from the world around you anyway - it's ALL you!)

Your perceptions today create what you experience tomorrow and in reality, when it comes to authentic visibility - it's the way you perceive yourself and the way you believe you will be received by others that matters most.

For example, when you believe "I am enough" you show up in the world in a certain way... You're lit up, fully aligned with your truth, you make your desires known - not just with your words but with the energy you embody... and that vibration magnetically attracts people, opportunities and experiences that make your heart sing even more!

But when you believe "I am not enough" on any level... (which most people do sadly) you guessed it... you show up in a way that says "I'm not good enough / pretty enough / intelligent enough/ successful enough / slim enough / experienced enough" (all forms of  the belief "I'm not enough") and your vibration attracts people and experiences that reinforce that belief! "Showing up" by the way applies to EVERY area of your life... from your marketing... to your parenting... to your marriage... to your calling... your self care... your creativity... your spiritual connection - ALL OF IT!

The way you show up in one area of your life has huge effects on the other areas.


Are You Sharing Your True Reflection™ - Online, Offline and ALL the Time?

When you show up and share your True Reflection™ your life unfolds with joy and ease.

Sure - there will still be "mirrors" that are tricky to look at, but when you know (at a cellular level) that you are enough, that you are more than enough, that you always have been and you always will be -  you show the world your True Reflection™ and perceive everything as a gift, a lesson or an opportunity to heal.

You bring light and love to every situation... you embody it... and when you embody that energy you CREATE it.

As an Authentic Visibility and Vibrational Alignment Coach working with 'difference making entrepreneurs' I noticed that when you show up authentically online it has a profound effect, not just on your marketing and the people, opportunities and experiences you attract but also in all other areas of your life!

What is Your True Reflection™?

It's who you REALLY are.

It's the part of you that goes beyond experience, or achievements, or personality - it's the limitless, divine being that you arrived here as.

It expresses itself as that little voice inside you that's always calling to you to ditch the 'cookie cutter blueprints' and the 'shoulds' and the "I'm not enough-ness" and to dance to your own rhythm,  express your truth and  sing your song!


I'm here to help you SEE and SHARE your True Reflection™ online, offline and all the time so your life reflects back the things you truly want (oh - and you can get started for FREE!)

After 15 years of working with all sorts of incredible 'voices' - including everyone from Brit Award winning vocalists, west end performers, TV personalities, celebrity therapists, best-selling authors, coaches and yogis to top network marketers and bloggers - I noticed a few things.

  • Most of them, although incredibly gifted, had big fears around being visible as their authentic selves and speaking their truth.  They felt on some level like they had to maintain an 'act' in order to do be accepted.
  • There were elements of their lives they weren't happy with (like not knowing if people loved them for who they truly were or just for the version of themselves they shared with the world on screen / on stage / online.
  • They didn't like seeing themselves on tv / video.

This is where The Magic Mirror Method™ was born.

I knew that if I could find a way to help people SEE themselves in their truth that they would show up in their truth and create the 'results' they really wanted in their lives because of that.

I created a unique set of processes  called "The Magic Mirror Method™ which takes you on a journey to first SEEING and then SHARING what I call your True Reflection™ in the world - and I want to give you the first of these processes for FREE today.


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I deeply value your privacy and would never share your details with a 3rd party

Join the Magic Mirror Method™ 30 Day Visibility Journey for FREE

 Here's how it works:

  1. I'll send you some Preparation Notes so you can hit the ground running.
  2. Then every day for 30 days I will send you a question to reflect on and answer in 1.5 minutes or less (preferably this would always be your first take).  These questions have been very specifically designed to connect you to your authentic voice, to create clarity around your true vision and message.
  3. You will then follow a very simple but powerful process to share this video inside of a private Facebook group where you will be supported by me, my team and by a tribe of fellow conscious entrepreneurs who are also on the same visibility journey.


By the end of this 30 day journey...

You will:

  • Have connected with the power of your authentic voice
  • Created clarity around your unique vision and message
  • Gained a lot of confidence about sharing your message with others
  • Know how to connect on a much deeper level with your tribe online (without spending so much time in front of a screen)
  • Have created 30 videos, a whole lot of momentum around your visibility
  • Think making videos is as easy as pie (yes really)!


Sharing Your True Reflection™ is The Greatest Act of Service You Can Offer the World!

My work has been heavily influenced by Dr Bruce Lipton Phd. - a cellular biologist, author and world authority on the way your perceptions shape your life (right down to your biology!)...

Many moons ago when I was pregnant with my first child I was reading one of his books and came across his description of an "Imaginal Cell".

The Imaginal Cells are the cells inside a caterpillar that are ultimately responsible for it's transformation into a butterfly... why?

Because they perceive things differently to the other cells.

You see... if you think of cells as trillions of individuals inside of a community (in this case the community is the  caterpillar) - when the caterpillar is eating and growing, all those cells are celebrating the abundant universe they live in.

But when the caterpillar stops eating and growing - panic sets in.  It's all doom and gloom and the cells may believe it's the end of the world...

But in amongst those cells are a few who perceive things differently.  They are the imaginal cells and because they perceive things differently... because they receive the signals from their environment differently... they create metamorphosis.

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You are an Imaginal Cell in the Body of the Planet

I want to show you how to perceive the 'messages' you are receiving about making yourself visible differently so that you can see the TRUTH of who you really are and feel excited about getting out there and shining your light in the world as brightly as you can!

This 30 day challenge is not like other 'video challenges' - it's not about the 'tech stuff' - it's about connection.

Connection to your truth.

Connection to your message.

And connection to your tribe.



The current challenge is full to the rafters (and in full swing with beautiful people discovering their True Reflection (sorry) but you can register for the next one below!

Your life and everything in it is a reflection of the way you see yourself and the way you show up as a result.

Let me show you your True Reflection so you can shine your light in the world, be the 'you' you were put here to be and allow the universe to reflect that back to you in the form of everything your heart desires!


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I deeply value your privacy and would never share your details with a 3rd party